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Get all of the tools you need to deliver better patient care - from real-time patient flows to intelligent task management - with our certified EHR solution.  With WonderDoc, chiropractors can see more patients and streamline operations while meeting the ever-changing requirements of health care reform.

Improved Patient Care

Experience the power of a single solution

Improved Productivity

Our revolutionary practice management system helps you bill more effectively, so you get paid sooner without leaving revenue on the table.  Streamlined billing workflows help you get claims out faster and more accurately.

Boost Revenue

From the new patients first contact to scheduling follow ups, WonderDoc's intuitive design streamlines daily tasks so your practice can run efficiently.  Get more done with automated tasks and simpler user interface. 

Fully Integrated Practice Management and EHR

  • US-based service and support

  • Robust analytics and reporting

  • Marketing and more...
  • Complete EHR solution
  • Powerful billing capabilities
  • Streamlined scheduling

Kevin Scott, DC

What People Are Saying

Alicia, CA

"It's quick, easy to use, and very affordable. It's customizable, has awesome support, and is designed by a chiropractor."

"We love everything about Wonderdoc. The convenience of making appointments, setting up new patients, billing/claims, everything is a breeze."